Carbon inside conductive mono-filament

Product NO.: XTAA017
SPEC.: 20D/1F
Price: Inquire
MOQ: 100 kg
Total supply: 2000 kg
D-delivery: Within 7 days after received the payment
Area: Jiangsu China
Validity to: Long-term effective
Last update: 2015-03-17 03:15
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Product details

         Category: Mono-filament
         Material: Carbon composite,Polyester,Nylon
         Feature: Touch,Conductive,Anti-static
         Application: Garment,Glove,Socks

Carbon-inside conductive filament 18D 20D 40D




SPEC. : 18D/2F, 20D/(1F,2F,3F), 40D/(1F,2F,3F) Filament(s)

Design NO. : YS-B1618D2

Material of Conductive Part: Carbon

base Material: Polyester/ aramid(antiflaming, thermostability, etc)

Cross Section: ring / threeleaf/one dots/ three dots

Color: Deep/Light grey

Tenacity: 2.8cN/dtex

Elongation: 40-60%

Conduction of Electricity: (10^5~10^6) ohm/cm

Melting Point: 255

Application: This grey conductive filament is improved based on the black conductive filament , it can be used deep color fabric and double fabric , can be hidden well in the fabric , and the conductivity will be still good . If you want one anti-static fabric , but you don't want show the conductive yarn on the surface of fabric clearly , please select it . Of course , compare with white conductive filament , the concealment is slightly inferior , but the conductivity of this grey conductive filament is better than white one .

* linning of top grade suit

* Conductive poplin , Anti-static checks

* Anti-static weft-knitting

* Anti-static single yarn drill and ply-yarn drill

* Uniform of military and policeman

*  Mesh aprons(suessen), harness cord, anti static brush, etc.


Remark: This conductive yarn is very thin , generally , it must be covered (combined/intermingled/twisted) with another yarn , then can be used to weave fabric .

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