Bare/tinned Copper Tinsel wire wrapped by PET/aramid/S-glass/UHMWPE

Product NO.: XT11126-128
SPEC.: 0.1-0.4mm
Price: Inquire
MOQ: 10 kg
Total supply: 1000 kg
D-delivery: Within 15 days after received the payment
Area: Jiangsu China
Validity to: Long-term effective
Last update: 2015-05-05 15:29
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         Category: Mono-filament
         Material: Metal,Copper
         Feature: Conductive
         Application: Wearable device

Bare/tinned Copper Tinsel wire wrapped by PET/aramid/S-glass/UHMWPE

Tinsel Wire,Copper Tinsel Wire,Copper foil fiber wires, tinned copper wrapped fibers
Bare/tinned Copper Tinsel wire wrapped by PET/aramid/S-glass

Copper foil silk is made by metal foil wire spiral wound on the center of filament yarn.
metal foil wire: Tin plated foil or Silver plated foil
Center of filament yarn: Polyester filament yarn,Glass fiber yarn,Aramid yarn(Kevlar yarn),UHMWPE Fiber yarn etc

1). Flexibility
2). High tenacity .
3). Resistance stability, good conductivity, good effect of sound transmission
4). High temperature resistant (The center yarn is high temperature resistant yarn)
5). Good corrosion resistance
6). Appearance of the light ,Good oxidation resistance
7). Good weldability


Final outer diameter
Materials of conductor
Core wire
Layer of Tinsel Wire
Tin plated wire
Silver plated wire
Polyester filaments
Aramid filaments tow
1 layer
Tin plated wire
Silver plated wire
Polyester filaments
S-glass filaments tow
1 layer
Tin plated wire
Silver plated wire
Polyester filaments
UHMWPE filaments tow
1 layer
Tin plated wire
Silver plated wire
Polyester filaments
Bulletproof filaments
1 or more layers

 Remarks: Special specifications could be customized.

cables and cords, including phone cables, lead wires for speakers, medical electronic cables and many other fields.

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