SAF super absorbent fiber SAP

Product NO.: XT11498
Spec.: mm
Price: Inquire
MOQ: 1000 KG
Total supply: 10000 KG
D-delivery: Within 15 days after received the payment
Area: Jiangsu China
Validity to: Long-term effective
Last update: 2016-09-25 21:19
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         Category: Staple Fiber
         Material: Polyester
         Feature: SAF
         Application: Underwear,Other
 SAF super absorbent fiber 

SAF(Super absorbent fiber) is a new kind of fiber which can absorb a large amount of fluid quickly ,such as water ,urine ,blood,'s different from normal fiber when absorbing ,rather than through physical absorption ,it absorb through chemical theory ,then swell itself, and keep fluid in fiber,hard to press out.So it has strong retainess.This fiber's absorption speed is more than 8-10 times than SAP .And absorption volume can be adjusted within 30-200g.

The main application areas are as follows:
• industrial uses
• cable and cable water blocking ropes or water
• packaging materials
• filtration and drying
• hygienic products and medical materials
a: women's sanitary napkins,diapers, sanitary pads, adultincontinence of urine pad
b: the absorbent pad, sucking pad, abdominal pad, and medical wound dressing

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